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18 May 2017  – Applications open

1st June 2017 Application Support Webinar available

July 2017 – Regional Roadshow

30 August 2017 – Applications close

25 October 2017 – Awards ceremony and gala dinner at The Star

5 December 2017 – 55th Australian Export Awards National Ceremony

Kristen Mulligan
Export Council of Australia
Phone: (02) 8243 7400

The ECA offers a range of support services to Export Award Applicants, including: (this is only for NSW)

  • An export awards application webinar, available from 1 June 2017
  • Application guidelines, a step by step guide which is below.
  • A regional roadshow, a series of events across NSW in June/July.
  • Application Assistance Program: The Export Council of Australia enlists international business students to help selected applicants in writing their application. Register your interest with Kristen Mulligan at

Another important resource is the ECA itself, Kristen Mulligan Business Development and Membership Manager is on hand to answer any questions you have about the awards application, process or any query you might have.

Please do take advantage of the support materials and opportunities when you are completing your application. Contact Kristen at or on 02 8243 7400.

Application Guidelines

This is where we take you through the application form step by step, making sure you understand what the judges are looking for, and giving you the best chance of submitting a winning application.

Pick your category.

Select the industry‐specific category that clearly relates to your business (e.g. agribusiness or education and training).

If your organisation's head office is located in a non‐metropolitan area, you may also enter the Regional Exporter Award.

You can enter in more than one category: for example, you could be eligible in the Creative Industries, Regional and Small Business category. Read the category descriptors to determine which categories are best for your company.

Judges always reserve the right to determine the category where you best belong, normally they will adopt your stated preference.

You can preview the application questions here.

This is the section that tells your whole story – what you do, what your key strengths are and why you’re a successful international business.

When writing this section, bear in mind that this text will be used by the Awards program to describe your company in press releases, magazine editorial and case studies. So keep it concise, non‐technical and easy to understand.

We recommend completing this section last - this will give you a chance to review the application and ensure you include all the relevant information.

Don't assume that the judges are aware of your organisation, its products and successes.

The judges will assess the viability of the business, its product/service and how successful the business' exports have been this year.

Make sure you clearly state what your international business successes have been for the current year.

Avoid cutting and pasting text directly from your website.


The judges will be looking at the quality of your international marketing strategy and your level of foreign revenue earned.

Market your organisation in your application by highlighting your strengths, illustrating how innovative and distinctive your achievements have been.

If you have been exporting for several years, make sure your application demonstrates what you have done differentlyto consolidate and grow your position in the past year (e.g. new markets, new technologies, focused marketing strategy etc.).

In your key markets, what did you do to secure international contracts and market acceptance? What actions did you take? (e.g. product adaptation to meet customer preferences, building relationships with distributors and buyers, addressing cultural issues in marketing materials and products, attending trade events, techniques to overcoming buyer resistance).

Identify the key factors that you consider made your organisation a successful exporter.

Tracking your achievements:

Help the judges follow your road to international success. Identify the significant landmarks - e.g. "In 2016/17 we broke into the Chinese market for the first time."

Clearly outline what were your most outstanding international business achievements (e.g. "Last year we signed a distribution deal with the largest supermarket chain in the US".).


The judges will be looking for the value and contribution of exporting to your business expansion and whether the company is appropriately resourced for export expansion.

The judges will also be looking for evidence of sustainable business practices and innovative techniques.


It's not just about what you did - it's how you did it

The financials, including the foreign revenue earned are important but are not the only criteria. Tell your company's export story: how your organisation has broken into, and built up, sustainable overseas markets.

The judges will be looking for evidence of a sound capital base (substantial net profit) and sufficient capital (cash and resources) to support export/international activity.

Double check figures to ensure there are no transcript errors -make sure that all ‘000 are entered.

Enter actual financial figures (not estimates) where available. If actual figures become available before the close date, update your figures accordingly

Make sure to explain any losses or significant decreases in profits in Q5.3 – the judges do not know your business and cannot assume what has caused unusual financial results.


The judges will be looking for evidence of the company's commitment to international business. What are your export plans for the coming year (e.g. new markets, additional staff, different marketing strategies).

One last thing:

Get somebody external to your company to read through your application to ensure that it is clear to someone with no detailed knowledge of your company.

Information provided in your application will be used for media, marketing and promotional material (excluding all financial data and commercially sensitive information, which will remain confidential). 

The State, Territory and National judging panels are drawn from the private and public sectors comprising persons with international business experience. All information will be treated as strictly commercial in confidence.


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